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The artist's paintings are based in what he calls "Thematic Flow", where each and every trace of intention or meaning only happens afterwards, at the inter-relationship with the observer. The artworks present themselves as multiple and diffuse focuses whereby the intimate universes of artist and audience are mixed.

Ad-Versos 1.jpg
Caminhada Flk.jpg
Acrylic on canvas 5 72.jpg
Acrylic on canvas 2 72.jpg
Fantasmagógico Flk.jpg
Pierrot Lunar Cena II Fkl.jpg
Acrylic on canvas 1 72.HEIC
DevaneioII Fkl.jpg
Lua Mântica Fkl.jpg
Quase Estrela Fkl.jpg
Acrylic on canvas 3 72.heic
Acrylic on canvas 8 72.jpg
Acrylic on canvas 4 72.jpg
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