After a period of research Ale Prade finally found in 2007 the ideal way to bring to the audience his proposal of interactivity and co-authorship within the universe of painting already so relativized but that continues to instigate him. The technique he developed was called  “Movable Magnetic Painting”.

It consists of magnetic sheet artwork fragments arranged on magnetized supports (canvases or metal sheets) which can present different shapes and sizes, as well as, free mobility.

The idea is to establish a continuous flow, merging different perspectives in the territory of Symbolic Exchange and Pre-understanding, full of potential and plurality

Senhas II 1 Fkl.jpg
Insondável Mar de Flores 1 Fkl.jpg
Movable Magnetic Painting 1.jpeg
Alê Prade SenhasIII Blues em Órbita Fkl.jpg
Planetas de Theo 1 Fkl.jpg
Ninho Precário 1 Fkl.jpg
Esfera Máter 1 1 Fkl.jpg
Senhas I Fkl.jpg