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During the period of isolation caused by the pandemic and not been allowed to work on my studio, I began to produce small daily paintings on paper at home. 

This initiative, in addition to maintaining my creative practice and protecting my mental health, resulted in the creation of The Painting Calendar which completed 1 year on September 21, 2021.

In addition to being a daily panel of my artistic practice, the painting calendar is a tribute to the inspiration that each day of the year provided me. 


There you can find the painting of your birthday or that of a relative or friend.


Due to the huge amount of artworks I invite you to visit my Instagram Profile where you can take a look at the originals and purchase A4 Giclée Print version (£30) sending me a DM or email.

24 de Outubro Arminda 72dpi.jpg
30 de Agosto 72dpi.jpg
24 de Julho 72dpi.jpg
22 de Setembro 72dpi .jpg
19 Novembro 72dpi.jpeg
17 de Dezembro 72dpi.jpeg
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